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Be paid to write good PHP articles

From: PHP Classes <>, sent: 14:03:03 - 25.09.2015

Be paid to write good PHP articles - PHP Classes

Be paid to write good PHP articles

Hello Rofl,

The PHP Classes Blog

The PHP Classes site has a very popular blog that is open to everybody to post articles of interest of the PHP developers.

Posting articles in this blog makes your work become visible to thousands of PHP developers that are willing to learn more about things that matter to PHP professionals.

Be Paid to Write Quality Articles to the PHP Classes Blog

Currently the PHP Classes site is paying to skilled writers that would like to write for the PHP Classes blog.

The payment may be between $100 for simpler articles to $300 for articles about topics that are in great demand.

Limited Invitation

Since the goal is to post articles of good quality, only developers that are already contributing to the site can be invited to post paid articles.

If you want to start posting great articles and be paid for that, first you need to submit one or more packages of PHP classes to the site.

Once you submit your first PHP package you will get an invitation to sign up for becoming a paid article writer.

So your first step to become a writer is to go to the submission page here, and submit a PHP class.

Submission page

If you have more classes to submit, send them already, especially if they innovative. That will give you more reputation and priority in the acceptance of your paid articles.

If your classes are innovative you may also earn recognition and nice prizes provided by well known sponsors of the PHP Innovation Award.

Sponsored prizes list

So, do not wait! The sooner you submit your PHP packages, the sooner you may start earning recognition, prizes, and be paid for good articles.

Submission page