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PHP Classes New class daily digest of 20160816

From: PHP Classes Newclasses <>, sent: 13:43:18 - 30.12.2016

New class daily digest of 2016-08-16 - PHP Classes

New class daily digest of 2016-08-16

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2 new classes were added to "PHP Classes" repository.

    1. PHP YouTube Movie Trailers - This class support forum

    Short description:

    Fetch and show YouTube movie trailers


    Web services, Video, PHP 7

    Supplied by:

    Nitesh Apte

    Detailed description:

    This package can fetch and show YouTube movie trailers without an API key.

    It can send an HTTP requests to the YouTube site to retrieve and parse the YouTube search result pages for a trailer of a given movie.

    The class extracts the identifier of the first result video and generates HTML to embed that video in a Web page.

    2. PHP Auth Class - This class support forum

    Short description:

    Register and login users stored in a database


    PHP 5, Databases, User Management

    Supplied by:

    Con vertor

    Detailed description:

    This class can register and login users stored in a database.

    It can perform several actions to manage records of users in a database accessed using PDO. Currently it can:

    - Create the records of a new registered user and mail the user a URL with a gkey
    - Activate account with a given key
    - Authenticate a user with a password and optional CAPTCHA verification and create a login session
    - Logout from a user session
    - Request to reset the user password
    - Change the user password
    - Delete user records

    The class uses bcrypt to store hashed passwords,

    It can also verify and block attackers by IP for a defined time after a given number of failed login attempts.

    The class can as well prevent registration of users with known disposable email addresses.
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