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PHP Classes Added a new class PHP Convert Text to Audio

From: PHP Classes Newclasses <>, sent: 13:43:07 - 30.12.2016

Added a new class: PHP Convert Text to Audio - PHP Classes

Added a new class: PHP Convert Text to Audio

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    Short description:

    Spell text as MP3 audio using Google Translate


    PHP 5, Text processing, Web services, Audio

    Supplied by:

    Gabriele Gabry Princiotta

    Detailed description:

    This class can spell text as MP3 audio using Google Translate.

    It can take a given text string in an idiom and generates a MP3 audio stream using Google translate.

    The class generates HTML with JavaScript to play the converted text in a Web page.

    The code and comments in Italian. In Italian:

    textReader è una classe PHP per convertire una stringa in un file musicale e riprodurlo senza nemmeno occupare spazio sul server perché il file viene convertito in base64
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