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PHP Classes Innovation Award results of June of 2016

From: PHP Classes Award <>, sent: 13:43:01 - 30.12.2016

Innovation Award results of June of 2016 - PHP Classes
Check Innovation Award last month winners and this month nominees

Innovation Award results of June of 2016

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The winners of the Award may receive prizes provided by sponsors.

Sponsors Prizes
Jetbrains PhpStorm IDE personal permanent license
IP2Location One year server license IP to country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, area code database
Zend One copy of the Zend Studio
APILayer 1 year subscription to the Basic Plan of an API product of choice
SourceGuardian SourceGuarding PHP encoder tool
NuSphere One downloadable copy of PhpED Professional
Human Profile One copy of DWebPro Standard License
PHPClasses One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
CodeLobster Software One downloadable copy of CodeLobster Professional
ActiveState One downloadable copy of Komodo IDE
Devsense PHP Tools for Visual Studio Personal license
Packt One ebook of choice by Packt
O'Reilly One downloadable e-book of choice by O'Reilly
PHP Architect One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine

Rofl please go to winners page to access the winner package pages.

Congratulations to Junior Grossi!

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Corcel (Laravel + WordPress)
Use the WordPress backend with any PHP application
Junior Grossi Brazil 14.89% 16 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP Tracking User Activity
Track user activity on Web pages using screenshots
Bharat Parmar India 12.77% 15
3 PHP Export XLS
Export arrays as HTML tables or Excel XLS files
Juan Pablo Irungaray Segura Guatemala 8.51% 14
3 Move Me GIF
Create animated GIF images in pure PHP
Patrick Van Bergen The Netherlands 8.51% 14
3 PHP Neuron Message transmission
Send messages to neurons using shared memory
Lionel F. Lebeau France 8.51% 14
3 Event Bus
Emit events and handle them using wildcards
Jeremiah Ogbomo Nigeria 8.51% 14
7 PHP PDF to Text
Extract text contents from PDF files
Christian Vigh France 6.38% 10
7 PHP Beans Brazilian Feijoada
Encapsulate several objects in one like Java Beans
Bruno Henrique Ferreira de Oliveira Brazil 6.38% 10
7 Scripd
Generate database creation SQL queries from JSON
Samuel Adeshina Nigeria 6.38% 10
7 PDF Meta Reader
Parse and extract keywords from PDF using pdfinfo
Arnel Labarda Philippines 6.38% 10
11 Make SQL
Generate SQL queries from request values array
andrea battellocchi Italy 4.26% 6
11 CSS Magic
Compose CSS style sheets programatically
Everton da Rosa Brazil 4.26% 6
11 WordStore
Add, update and find words from a dictionary
Gavin Gordon Markowski Canada 4.26% 6
14 ah Map Helper
Parse URLs of map services and get their location
Axel Hahn Switzerland <1.00% 3
14 AMP Remove unused CSS
Remove unused CSS rules for AMP pages
Marcel Soler Spain <1.00% 3
14 Random Access File
Store data fixed record length data in files
Christian Vigh France <1.00% 3

Rofl please go to the voting page to know the packages and vote on the best

Nominees to win the award of June of 2016

Class: WordPress Hosted Content Importer
Description: WordPress plugin to import content hosted remotely
Author: Bimal Poudel
Country: Nepal
Comment: WordPress is a very popular program thanks to the many plugins that allow to expand its capabilities to produce and edit content.

Sometimes you need to use content in posts obtained from other sources.

This package is a plugin that makes it easy to import content into posts from sources like local files including those in Markdown format, database query results, Wikipedia excerpts and even the requests of calls to remote APIs.

Class: Vehicle Simulator
Description: Simulate the functions of different vehicle types
Author: Chi Hoang
Country: France
Comment: Simulators are useful to reproduce real world situations using computational models.

This package can simulate several types of vehicles and their functionality and states, like driving, traveling, arrived, picking, wheels, engines, etc..

Class: PHP Time Zone Mapper
Description: Get time zone for a given latitude and longitude
Author: Ahmad Retha
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Many Web sites are accessed by users from around the world, each one in at a different time zone.

Sometimes it is necessary to schedule a event or otherwise tell the time when something important is going to happen at a specific time of the day at the user's location.

Since the time of the day at the users location will be different according to the user time zone, it is necessary to know the time zone on which the location of the users are.

This class can solve that problem using the user's geographic coordinates: latitude and longitude.

These coordinates can usually be determined from the IP address of the computer the user is using to access the site, using services like IP to location.

This way it is possible to determine the time where the user is located, departing from the IP address and using this class to determine the time zone from the IP address location.

Class: PHP Bracket Checker Parser
Description: Parse expressions and return if brackets match
Author: Hakob Hakobyan
Country: Armenia
Comment: Sometimes it is necessary to quickly check if an expression or even a programming code text has the right syntax, opening and closing the right brackets.

This class can implement that kind of quick check by looking if brackets match. It supports either (, [ and { brackets.

Class: PHP Nuclear Reactor
Description: Asynchronous RESTful API using ReactPHP and PIMF
Author: Gjero Krsteski
Country: Germany
Comment: Asynchronous programming is a way to create programs that can execute multiple parallel tasks faster in the same process by executing code while other parts if the programs wait for I/O operations to finish, like database accesses, file accesses, network accesses, etc..

ReactPHP is a low level library similar to JavaScript Node.js that can be used to implement asynchronous programming in PHP, so you can write PHP code that can efficiently access multiple files, databases, or network computers in parallel, making everything faster.

The PHP Nuclear Reactor is library based on PIMF micro-framework that implements the MVC design pattern on top of ReactPHP.

This way you can continue to write PHP MVC components the way you are used to do, and still work well in an asynchronous programming environment based on ReactPHP.

Class: Simple Flash Messages
Description: Display message with different CSS frameworks
Author: Yuriy Tkachenko
Country: Russian Federation
Comment: Many applications need to show to their users several types of common messages like errors, warnings, information, etc..

This package can display all those types of messages using a different types of style frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI, etc..

Class: Italian Cities and Postal Code checker
Description: Search Italian cities, postal codes and addresses
Author: Orazio Principe
Country: Italy
Comment: When you need to send letters or packages via the postal system, you need to enter the correct destination and the respective postal code.

This class can get the postal code of a city or the city of a postal code for locations in Italy.

Class: Phalcon Cashier
Description: Access subscription services provided by Stripe
Author: Thien Tran
Country: Viet Nam
Comment: Stripe is a well known Internet based payment system that can handle single or recurring payments.

This package can perform several types of operations to manage recurring payments using the Stripe API.

Class: PHP TheSportsDb
Description: Get game information from the Sports DB site API
Author: Jelle Sebreghts
Country: Belgium
Comment: The SportsDb is a site that uses crowd sourcing to aggregate information about games of many different sports.

This package provides means to retrieve information about sports and their leagues, seasons, teams and players from the The SportsDB site.

Class: PHP Webdav Calendar Pusher
Description: Send and receive ICS calendar events via WebDav
Author: Ismail