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PHP Classes Added a new class Stringizer

From: PHP Classes Newclasses <>, sent: 13:42:52 - 30.12.2016

Added a new class: Stringizer - PHP Classes

Added a new class: Stringizer

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    Short description:

    Manipulate multibyte text strings as objects


    PHP 5, Text processing

    Supplied by:


    Detailed description:

    This package can manipulate multibyte text strings as objects.

    It can take a given string and perform one or more manipulation operations through a fluent interface.

    Currently it provides the following functions:

    - Camelize
    - Concat
    - Contains & Contains Case-Insensitive
    - Contains Count & Count Case-Insensitive
    - Dasherize
    - EndsWith
    - StartsWith
    - EnsureLeft
    - EnsureRight
    - HashCode
    - IndexOf & IndexOf Case-Insensitive
    - IsAlpha
    - IsAlphaNumeric
    - IsAlphaNumeric with Space
    - IsAlphaNumeric with Space and Dash
    - IsDate
    - IsDecimal
    - IsEmail
    - IsEmpty
    - IsNumber
    - LastIndexOf & LastIndexOf Case-Insensitive
    - Length
    - Lowercase
    - Lowercase First
    - Pad Both
    - Pad Left
    - Pad Right
    - Replace Accents
    - Remove Non Ascii
    - Remove Whitespace
    - Replace & Replace Case-Insensitive
    - Reverse
    - Split
    - Strip Punctuation
    - Strip Tags
    - Sub String
    - Trim
    - Trim Left
    - Trim Right
    - Truncate
    - Truncate Match and Truncate Match Case-Insensitive
    - Uppercase
    - Uppercase Words
    - Width

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