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From: The New York Law Journal Daily Case Update <>, sent: 13:43:20 - 30.12.2016

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475 Ocean Avenue Partners LLC v. Enwereuzonh, 54274/16

Landlord Fails to Show Landlord/Tenant Relationship to Be Basis for Nonpayment Suit Read More »

Pena v. Lockenwitz, LT-391-16/CO

Landlord's Unlawful Retaliatory Conduct Altered Tenant's Obligation to Pay Rent Read More »

Brooks Family Holdings LLC v. Doe, 65263/15

Court Rules Landlord Responsible to Provide Heat to Premises in Subject Nonpayment Suit Read More »

Wick Holding Corp. v. Montes, 66469/2015

Tenant Granted Partial Summary Judgment Dismissing Claim for Possessory Judgment Read More »

1802 Associates L.P. v. Arias, L&T 53046/16

Court Finds Notice of Termination Insufficient, Cannot be Amended; Holdover Suit Dismissed Read More »

James Leonard 6, Inc. v. Six & Cornelia Associates, 160161/2015

Tenant's Security Deposit Claim Dismissed; Landlord Entitled to Re-Letting Damages Read More »

Supreme Court, New York County, Part 35

Tsang, Bernice, Plaintiff v. Dong, Yonghan, Defendant, 150970/16

Civil Procedure

Suit Dismissed in Case Where Client's Alleged Antics Caused Lost Business Read More »

NAM Perspectives - Challenges of the "Party" Arbitration in the Commercial Setting

In any commercial case, the goal of the arbitration is a swift and expeditious resolution of the litigation with a savings of time and money. At a minimum, while not always as swift as we would like, one would hope that it will afford a faster and more efficient process than that provided by the court system.Read More »

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USA v. Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., 15cv706

Law Firms May Intervene in Action to Protect Their Interests in Statutory, Contingency Fees Read More »

Walker v. Commissioner Ponte, 14 Civ. 8507

Pretrial Detainee's Cruel, Unusual Punishment Claims Over X-Ray Screening Not Dismissed Read More »

Georges v. United Nations, 15-455-cv

United Nations' Fulfillment of CPIUN §29 Not Condition Precedent for §2 Immunity Read More »

Brewer v. Herald, 3:14-cv-958

Newspapers Fairly Reported Press Release, Are Shielded by N.Y. Civil Rights Law §74 Read More »

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Civil Litigation
Confidential  |  NYC and Nassau, New York
Associate Attorney
L'Abbate Balkan Colavita & Contini, L.L.P.  |  Garden City, New York
Per Diem Services, Inc  |  New York, New York
Shipman & Goodwin LLP  |  Stamford, Connecticut
Matrimonial Attorney
P.G. Prager Search Associates, LTD.  |  Long Island, New York
Commercial Litigation Associate
P.G. Prager Search Associates, LTD.  |  Long Island, New York
Estate or Construction Litigator
P.G. Prager Search Associates, LTD.  |  Long Island, New York
Defense Litigator/Coverage Attorney
P.G. Prager Search Associates, LTD.  |  Long Island, New York
Corporate Attorney
P.G. Prager Search Associates, LTD.  |  Long Island, New York
Real Estate Attorney
P.G. Prager Search Associates, LTD.  |  Long Island, New York
Land Use and Zoning Attorney
--  |  Long Island, New York
Finance Associate
ChoicePoint Legal  |  New York, New York
Midlevel Corporate Associate - K&L Gates, Portland Office
K&L Gates LLP  |  Portland, Oregon
Associate Attorney
Ansa Assuncao, LLP  |  White Plains, New York

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