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Zimbra Getting Started Integration Customization Provisioning Migration

From:, sent: 23:23:26 - 19.12.2014



Greetings Peter,

How is your set-up of Zimbra's open source version going so far? Have you had a chance to complete the Getting Started Checklist 1 and Checklist 2?

We hope you're finding these checklists a helpful way to stay on track. Don't forget the Zimbra community (Wiki / Forums) is an excellent resource to get your questions answered.

To keep things moving, we're going to focus on basic integration, customization, provisioning and migration. Here is the third checklist of action items to get you up and running:

Getting Started Checklist: Part 3

Integration & Customization

  • GAL feature tuning: Global Address List (GAL) is configured on a per-domain basis via special system accounts (aka galsync accounts).
  • Theme/Skin configuration: Customized themes (skins) can be created through the administration console as a global setting or as a domain setting.
  • Directory integration for authentication: Active Directory (AD) can be easily configured using the ZCS Administration Console. AD can be used for authentication, objects (conference rooms, etc).

Provisioning & Migration

Migrating from a legacy email platform doesn't have to be scary. We've come up with some powerful, time-saving tools for you to use, including migration wizards for Exchange, Domino and iCalendar email and calendars.

Thanks again, and have a great day!

The Zimbra Team

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