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Zimbra Getting Started Features Functionality

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Greetings Peter,

We hope you are enjoying the open source version of Zimbra Collaboration and have had a chance to complete the first Getting Started Checklist (how to install and configure Zimbra). If you ran into any issues, don't forget that the Zimbra community (Wiki / Forums) is an excellent resource.

Now it's time to focus on basic administration and end-user feature/functionality testing. Here is the next checklist of action items to get you up and running:

Getting Started Checklist: Basic Administration and End-User Feature/Functionality Testing

Basic Administration

  • Create User Accounts: Configure one account at a time or migrate multiple existing accounts from a server.
  • Define Classes of Service: A default Class of Service (COS) is automatically created during the installation of Zimbra software. The COS controls mailbox quotas, message lifetime, password restrictions, attachment-blocking and server pools. You can modify the default COS and create new COSs to assign to accounts according to your group management policies.
  • Add Zimlets: Zimlets enable your end users to look at information and interact with third-party applications (calendar, maps,, WebEx, and more) from within their email messages. Zimlets can be made available by modifying the Class of Service (COS).
  • Mail Queue Monitoring: Incoming and outgoing mail is processed by postfix in a series of queues that can be monitored from within the admin console; select Manage Mail Queues from the left sidebar and your queue information will be shown.
  • Certificates: Clicking Install Certificate from either the Manage Certificates tab or a Certificates tab opens the Certificate Installation Wizard. The Certificate Installation Wizard is a tool that will help you quickly create and deploy a certificate.

End-User Feature/Functionality Testing

Consider a 60-day free trial of Zimbra Collaboration network edition  if you want email/phone support, mobile device sync, built-in archiving and compliance or integrated unified communications. You can always easily go back to the free version, if you're not convinced.

Did you know, Osterman Research analysts conclude that Zimbra offers a lower total cost of ownership than Microsoft Exchange and others? Read the whitepaper.

Thanks again, and have a great day!

The Zimbra Team

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