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Zimbra Newsletter Product Patch Customer Success

From:, sent: 13:58:38 - 14.06.2015

Zimbra Newsletter: Product Patch & Customer Success

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Product Flash

The following software releases are available:

The W3C has officially assessed Zimbra Collaboration’s web client Mail App accessibility. Additionally, several bug fixes and product enhancements were included in the patch. Be sure you are running the latest version and visit to download the latest updates and patches.

Open Source: Are You Considering It?

One of the main drivers of open source software is transparency, and security is one of the chief benefits that emerges from open and transparent development. According to Freddie Dawson of Forbes, “a growing interest in security – particularly in the EMEA region – has set some companies to looking at open-source solutions to maintain security and data privacy in areas such as email, ‘cloud’ services and file transfer.”

Head over to to read more about Why Every Company Should be Thinking Open Source, But Many Still Aren’t, based on a conversation with Forbes Contributor Freddie Dawson and Zimbra CMO Olivier Thierry.

The Latest From Zimbra

Zimbra’s customers come first, and we like to display how Zimbra Collaboration has helped them meet and exceed various business needs.

Most recently, Zimbra and German partner VNC created English and German case studies for WASGAU. Like many customers, WASGAU wanted to replace a legacy email system with a modern solution that could grow with their evolving needs. Read about WASGAU on

To best help our customers and partners throughout the world, Zimbra will be creating topical case studies in local languages including: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. We will continuously add to our collection of localized resources. View the current library on today.



Open Source Conference 2015
Date: March 31
Location: Rome, Italy

On Demand Webinar
Zimbra Collaboration Roadmap
Password: ProductRoadmap2015



During March, partner-led Zimbra Collaboration Administrator training is taking place across EMEA, APAC and LatAm. If you are located in one of these regions and interested in training, click learn more for dates and locations.


March Issue


Don Tennant of IT Business Edge explores the benefits of open source, beyond cost reduction.

When is a lock not a lock? This may seem like a trick question, but privacy is a matter that concerns everyone. Read our latest blog.

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