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What is getSend?

With the little help of getSend you are able to receive and send anonymous E-Mails from / to everyone! The service is and remains free. More than that, you can even set up an E-Mail forwarding to your private address to receive E-Mail automatically! You can cancel the forwarding with every received Mail. Or you let them expire automatically.

For which purpose can I use it?

You can use getSend to fight against spam in your private inbox. For example, you can register register in a forum with our fake E-Mail addresses to activate your account. After that you won't receive any further newsletters of spam messages from this providers. You can even participate in competitions on different sites, which otherwise would send you tons of ad mails.

How does getSend work?

If you only want to collect mails with low risk content, you can simply choose an E-Mail alias like this: After choosing your alias you can provide that E-Mail address at any place you want. After the place you provided that E-Mail alias at sends you an E-Mail, you can grab that Mail in your Inbox on getSend! Simply click on 'Inbox' in the top menu. Make sure you have picked the right alias on getSend. If you would like to receive secure private messages you need to pick an Alias with a domain that allows password protection. Please consult the main page to find out which domains offer a passwort protection.

How can I respond to an E-Mail?

After you received an E-Mail, you can always respond to it anonymously. You have the options to reply, forward or delete messages which are opened in your inbox.

Receive E-Mails

Choose your E-Mail address

Before you can receive Mails you need to provide your alias:

This can be achieved directly on the main page of getSend or on the sub page menu point 'Inbox'.

Your inbox

You can find all incoming mails in your Inbox. The Mails are displayed each per row. If you stay in your Inbox you will receiva an audio notification once a new mail comes in!

Simply click on each line (E-Mail) to display its content:

Send E-Mails

You can also send anonymous E-Mails with the help of the menu point 'New E-Mail'. You can also reply directly on received E-Mails or pass the received E-Mail anonymously to another person (or for example to your private address).

Set up your forwarding

You can set up an E-Mail forwarding mechanism on our main page (see the red section before our footer). You only need to provide an alias you want to use to hide your private E-Mail address. Provide the other information (private address and expire date) for the forwarding. Only one step ahead to and you're ready to go: Simply activate the forwarding by clicking the activation link which comes to your private address. Once you receive a forwarded mail you can opt out from the forwarding by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each E-Mail that comes because of the forwarding mechanism.