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The following software releases are available:

Zimbra Collaboration had several security and functionality updates and patches throughout the year. Be sure you are running the latest version and visit to download the latest updates.

Zimbra Collaboration 8.6

Zimbra Collaboration 8.6 brought major accessibility enhancements to the platform, covering the login page and the majority of the Mail application (Calendar and Contacts will be added in 8.7.0). Additional information on enhancements and fixes can be found in the Release Notes.

Zimbra Year in Review

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Zimbra Collaboration 8.5 added a range of usability and back-end enhancements. Among those enhancements are a touch client, an offline web client, Outlook for Mac support (Exchange Web Services), document preview and infrastructure enhancements to the web application and server architecture.

As Rob Howard said in his blog on 8.5, “Zimbra put some serious development time behind both customer-facing user experience and the back-end architecture.”

Long-Awaited Return of Zimbra Desktop

To better support users who prefer a desktop experience, Zimbra brought back Zimbra Desktop in late May. Not only does Zimbra Desktop provide a central point for calendar, email, tasks and contacts, it can be a single interface for multiple email accounts, including Gmail, Outlook, corporate Exchange and many more.

We are proud to bring Zimbra Desktop back to the market to reaffirm our commitment to the open source community. Read the press release for more information or try Zimbra Desktop today.

Commitment to Open Source

Zimbra Collaboration is not only a unified collaboration solution; it is also an open source project. In 2014, Zimbra began to reinvigorate the open source community. Moving forward, we will continue to invest by helping build a robust Zimbra Collaboration ecosystem.

As a part of our efforts to revitalize our open source community, this past June, Zimbra made a move to OSI-approved licenses. This move will help drive increased innovation and improve overall software quality. The change was effective with the release of Zimbra Collaboration 8.5 and more information is available in the press release or on for Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition specific information.

Zimbra Security

Zimbra constantly looks for ways to improve our products’ security and privacy. Also, we take the responsibility of being a good member and guardian of an open source project seriously.

In an effort to improve transparency and communication, Zimbra introduced the Zimbra Security Center. If you to review our security program’s practices or policies, visit for more.

Enhancements to Zimbra Support

To better serve you, our customers and partners, we made some changes to our support organization and program. Watch the recorded webinar and learn how Zimbra’s global support team can help you succeed.

Want to know what else happened in 2014, check out the Zimbra 2014 in Review blog.

January Issue


Curious to learn what your fellow IT and Info Sec professionals think of commercial open source collaboration software? What about its security? Concerned about data protection and digital privacy?

The Ponemon Institute and Zimbra put out a new report on just those topics. If you would like to learn more, click the below button.



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