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May Issue

Partner Highlight


Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

XMission, a Gold Partner since 2008, offers complete Zimbra solutions including: Infrastructure for Resellers & BSPs, hosted Zimbra Collaboration and Zimbra Licensing. A trusted thought leader in Zimbra Collaboration, XMission provides this well supported suite of Zimbra products and revenue opportunities to many global business clients.

All XMission Zimbra services include 24/7 domestic technical support and a 98% first-call resolution metric.

Since its founding in 1993, XMission has strongly defended customer privacy and constitutional freedoms online. XMission's Privacy Pledge outlines their commitment to protecting your rights. 

In early 2015, XMission initiated their legal fight against spammers by leveraging the justice system to enforce rights as provided by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. As a result of this activity, XMission customers have already seen a substantial reduction in the amount of spam.

You can contact Xmission directly for more information.


Zimbra Talk Update

Continue to learn more about Zimbra Talk!  For pricing information, you may review the resources page within your partner type on the portal.  For links to your partner type page, please review the tabs on the left side of the newsletter.  Zimbra is also hosting localized webinars in your regions.  See the events section below for more information.

Are you a Zimbra Administrator? Have you attended the System Administration course? In May, you will find sessions delivered in German and Spanish.
Please visit the Zimbra Training Calendar for dates, locations, and languages or email for more information. 

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What's new this month?

Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 ready to test!

You are invited!

We are asking for feedback from our Customers, Partners and Open Source users, and we are proud to invite you to this Public Release Candidate Program. See additional information about the 8.7 public release here

Download today, before anyone else. The only thing we ask for is your feedback.


Zimbra Talk Overview

Watch the video below to learn more about Zimbra Talk.

Zimbra Talk Overview

Zimbra Technical Blog

Did you know?

  • There are two keyboard shortcuts to view Zimbra’s keyboard shortcuts?
  • You can drag address bubbles when composing an email?


Roadshow- Zimbra in Sardinia- Cagliari
Partner event- May 3rd, 2016


During this breakfast meeting, Zimbra,, Athena  and KasperskyLab will showcase Zimbra Network Edition 8.6 with all its benefits within the Open Source Sphere. We will talk about security with KaperskyLab, Zimbra in Italy with our network of partners and will also introduce our new add-on product called Zimbra Talk.  


 Roadshow- Zimbra in Sardinia- Sassari

Partner event- May 4th, 2016
Hotel Grazia Deledda - Sala Amici - Viale Dante 47, 07100 - Sassari

During this breakfast meeting, Zimbra,, and Athena will showcase Zimbra Network Edition 8.6 with all its benefits within the Open Source Sphere. We will talk about what’s new with Zimbra and Athena and will also introduce our new add-on product called Zimbra Talk.  


 Introduction to Zimbra Talk (English)

Webinar- May 10th, 2016- 16.00 (GMT)
45 minutes

This is a live webinar for a demonstration of Zimbra Talk features including chat (1:1 or 1:many), video chat (also 1:1 and 1:many), public chat rooms, screen sharing, real-time document editing, file-transfer and click-to-chat from an email. There will also be Q&A if you have questions about the administration of the Zimbra Talk Zimlet.  


 What's New with Zimbra? (English)

Webinar- May 12th, 2016- 10.30AM (GMT + 1)
60 minutes

This is a live webinar presented by Zimbra. We will present the latest news around Zimbra, our new organization, our partner program, and a highlight of our roadmap. We will then demonstrate the functionalities that will be released with the upcoming 8.7 release as well as our new add-on, Zimbra Talk.  


 Introduction to Zimbra with StarXpert - France (French)

Webinar- May 19th, 2016- 10.30AM (GMT + 1)
60 minutes

This is a live webinar presented by our gold partner, StarXpert. They will demonstrate the TCOs of Zimbra compared to other email collaboration platforms and will allow you to understand the functionalities and advantages of our email software. Finally, they will also run a demo on our latest product, Zimbra Talk. (Webinar presented in French) 

 Assises du CSIERS 2016

Tradeshow- May 24-27th, 2016
Novotel Avignon Centre, 20 BOULEVARD SAINT ROCH , 84000 AVIGNON - FRANCE

Zimbra has been invited to participate as a partner to the prestigious “Assises du CSIERS” in the World Trade Centre of Marseilles. The CSIESR is an association that was founded in 1981 and which decides on IT systems implementation for Universities and Research Centre in France. During this event, Zimbra will be presenting how our solutions work in conjunction with challenges that universities and research centres are facing in the current climate, as well as our new product Zimbra Talk and news on our upcoming release, Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.   


 CIO Brazil GOV

Seminar- May 25-29th, 2016
Mogi Das Cruzes- SP- Brazil

Technologies such as big data, mobility, cloud computing and the Internet are already part of our lives. The new technological era promises to be directed by cognitive experience in which computers can contribute to the logical thinking of humans and may challenge it.

Cognitive systems have the potential to create major changes in institutions because the tacit tasks can also be automated. New skills will be required and new business models will emerge, and we need to understand the impact on society and the economy.

Zimbra is sponsoring and will be participating in the 14th edition of the CIO Brazil GOV, which will bring together senior executives from the Brazilian public sector. For more information, click here.


OpenExpo 2016

Tradeshow- June 2nd, 2016
Estacion de Chamartín, Calle de Agustín de Foxá, Madrid, Spain

Zimbra is sponsoring the Open Expo 2016 conference with its gold partner Quer Systems in Madrid. Register to be part of the development of business through open source technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship. Join us to hear Frederic Maussion discuss using open source to enable a secure, private cloud. Don’t forget to stop by our booth to meet the team, learn about our new product, Zimbra Talk, hear about our upcoming functionalities around Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 and finally grab a beer and network with us during our sponsored beer session at the end of our event.