Matter of The People v. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, 451962/16

AG Granted Motion to Compel PWC's Compliance With Investigative Subpoena Read More »

The People v. Reyes, 2014BX002134

Prosecutors' Statements of Readiness Found Illusory, Dismissing Accusatory Instrument Read More »

The People v. Pabellon, 16-0450

Officer's Initial Stop Justified, But Subsequent Did Not Act in Manner Designed to Protect Self Read More »

The People v. Fidel Matos, 566/2015

Totality of Circumstances Did Not Warrant Level-Three Intrusion, Granting Suppression Read More »

The People v. Brito, 2013-2064 K CR

Divided Panel Finds Statements Admissible Under Hearsay Exception, Affirms Conviction Read More »

Matter of Zhuang, 2015-349/B

'Letters of Request,' 'Letters Rogatory' Granted Fiduciary to Obtain Information From Witness Read More »

Supreme Court, New York County, IAS Part 61

People v. Price WaterhouseCoopers, 451962/16

Civil Procedure/Environmental Law/Energy/State and Local Government

Judge Finds PwC and Exxon Must Comply With NY Subpoena Read More »

Supreme Court, Kings County, IAS Part 65

Pietra v. Poly Prep Country Day School, 506586/2015

Education Law/Whistleblower Laws/Employment Litigation/Education

Court Expands Whistleblower Law to Apply to Private Citizens Read More »

NAM Perspectives – Title IX Complaints, Resolving Them With ADR

Whether it was the recent incidents involving the allegations of cover-ups of sexual assault charges against members of the Baylor football team, the expelling of the captain of Yale’s basketball team earlier this year, after a confidential school proceeding found that he had non-consensual sexual relations with a female student, or other less “headline-worthy” incidents - Title IX complaints, and the manner in which administrations at colleges and universities have handled those complaints, have been in the news Read More »

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Calaff v. Capra, 15 Civ. 7868

'Notice of Right to Appeal' Is Unconstitutional Precondition on Right to Appellate Counsel Read More »

Palmer/Kane LLC v. Stevens, 1:15-cv-7404

Other Court's Different Interpretation of Identical Evidence Is Inadequate Basis for Reconsideration Read More »

Partita Partners LLC v. USA, 15-cv-2561

$4 Million Deduction Based on Preservation Easement Not Authorized Under §170(h)(4)(B) Read More »

McGinty v. Professional Claims Bureau, Inc., 15-cv-4356

Bulk of Claims Over Collection Letters Support Assertions of FDCPA's Violation Read More »

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