Old Country Road Realty, LP v. Zisholtz & Zisholtz, LLP, LT-002181-16

Tenant's Claim 5% Late Fee Usurious Rejected, Landlord Granted Summary Judgment Read More »

14502 Corp. v. Doe, 81426/15

Stipulation of Settlement Granting Possession Vacated Due to Parties' Mutual Mistake Read More »

Concourse Green Associates, LP v. Patterson, 23851/16

Landlord's Notice in Summary Holdover Alleging Illegal Assignment/Sublet Defective Read More »

River Park Residences, L.P. v. Bowe, L&T 8673/16

Court Grants Petitioner Award for Rent Arrears, Less Abatement for Mice Infestation Read More »

T11 Funding v. Lewis, 56508/2015

No Requirement to Personally Exhibit Referee's Deed; Defendant, Served, Judgment Granted Read More »

Park Front Apts. LLC v. Peterson, 85352/2015

Factual Questions on Waiver, Applicability Of HUD Handbook Preclude Parties' Motions Read More »

Koiv-Urban v. Mekies, 162467/2015

Failure to Show 'Due Diligence' Requirement Of CPLR 308(4) Denies Default Judgment Read More »

2138747 Ontario, Inc. v. Samsung C & T Corp., 653270/14

N.Y. Borrowing Statute's Time Limit Provisions Render Breach Suit Untimely Under Ontario Law Read More »

NAM Perspectives – Drafting The Arbitration Provision In Commercial Contracts, Part 1, Back To Basics: Important Considerations Not To Be Overlooked

John Wooden, one of the most successful coaches in basketball history, always focused his teams on the basics. The first lesson he taught them was how to properly tie their shoes. Truly, a lack of understanding the basics often “trips” you up! Read More »

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Olson v. Superintendent Connolly, 15 Civ. 6498

Burglar Showed Awareness of Pleading Guilty To Separate Charges; Habeas Relief Denied Read More »

U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit

USA v. Prevezon Holdings Ltd., 16-132-cv

Law Firms - Large/Civil Appeals

Circuit Disqualifies Firm From Money Laundering Case Read More »

U.S. District Court, Southern District

United States of America, Government v. Reza Zarrab, Defendant, 15 Cr 867 (RMB)

International Law/Criminal Law

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Indictment Over Illegal Iran Trades Read More »

Peeq Media, LLC v. Buccheri, 16-CV-5292

Jurisdiction, Venue, Proper for Diversity Suit Claiming Fiduciary Duty Breach, Aiding, Abetting Read More »

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