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Share Your Classes

The PHP Classes site was created to give exposure to developers like yourself that created code that is useful for the whole PHP community.

If you created packages of PHP classes that are useful to you, chances are that they are useful to others.

Start sharing your classes going here:

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Get Instant Feedback

The PHP Classes site can give you immediate exposure by sending newsletters to users eager to learn about new useful classes.

Once the other developers notice your classes, they can rate them, post comments reporting bugs and ask for new features, so you can improve your work and make it better even for your own purposes.

Earn Prizes and Recognition

If you submit packages that are innovative, you can even earn nice prizes and recognition.

The PHP Classes site organizes a monthly contest called the PHP Programming Innovation Award.

Innovative PHP packages are nominated to be voted for the users. Nominated authors can nice prizes provided by well known PHP sponsor companies.

Sponsored prizes list

Special Prizes and Trophies for the Winners

Authors that send several innovative classes throughout the year may earn special prizes.

Currently the special prize for the year winner is an elePHPant plush toy.

Image of the ElePHPAnt prize

The winner will also win a nice trophy with his name engraved in the front.

Image of the Innovation Award trophies

Innovation Award Championship by Country

Authors of the same country that gather more innovation award points will also win the special prize.

If you know other authors of you country that can submit nice packages, ask them to also participate, so you can help your country to win the championship by country.

If you country wins, all of you and your country innovative authors will win, each of you will receive the elePHPant plush toy prize and a special trophy for winning the contest by country.

Here are the results of the last year PHP Innovation Award contest:

Last year winners

Welcome again to the PHP Classes site and start submitting your packages now:

Submission page