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PHP Classes is a site that provides many useful resources to PHP developers.

Here follow some tips to help you take the most of the PHP Classes site resources.

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Get Recognition and Feedback by Submitting Your Classes

If you have developed interesting classes of PHP objects that are useful to yourself, chances are that your classes can also be useful to others.

In that case, consider submitting your classes to the PHP Classes site now.

The site will expose your work to many thousands of other PHP developers eager to learn about new interesting classes.

This way you can easily get feedback and recognition from other fellow PHP developers that visit the site every day.

Earn Prizes and More Recognition by Submitting Innovative Classes

Every month the PHP Classes site organizes a contest named PHP Programming Innovation Award on which it distinguishes all the innovative classes submitted to the site.

All nominees can win nice prizes provided by well known PHP companies. All winners and nominees are all listed in the innovation award rank by month and by year. The year winner can earn additional prizes and recognition.

If you developed innovative classes or have good ideas for new classes, submit them to the PHP Classes site and qualify to earn more prizes and recognition now.

Find and Submit JavaScript Classes

If you are looking also for JavaScript classes, you may find them in the JS Classes site. That is a site like PHP Classes site but for distributing JavaScript classes.

If you have also developed JavaScript classes, you can submit them to the JS Classes site and get similar benefits that you get in PHP Classes site.

Once again welcome and enjoy the PHP Classes site.