New class daily digest of 2016-07-19

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2 new classes were added to "PHP Classes" repository.

    1. PHP Block Login Attempts - This class support forum

    Short description:

    Block login attempts from IP after failures


    PHP 5, User Management, Security

    Supplied by:

    Bharat Parmar

    Detailed description:

    This class can block login attempts from IP after failures.

    It can check if a login attempt is valid and if it failed it increases the count of failed attempts and stores it in session variables.

    Repeated failed login attempts will make the user IP address be added the blocked IP list.

    The access from listed IP addresses will blocked for a given period of time after which the user may try again.

    2. Jaxon - This class support forum

    Short description:

    Call PHP classes from JavaScript using AJAX


    PHP 5, Language, AJAX, Traits

    Supplied by:

    Thierry Feuzeu

    Detailed description:

    This package can call PHP classes from JavaScript using AJAX.

    It can register objects of classes or global functions and process AJAX requests that are handled by the registered functions.

    The AJAX calls are done by a separate JavaScript library.
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